SmugMug SEO and Google – An Epitaph

It looks like I have to accept failure in my quest to get my SmugMug gallery indexed by Google. My 600+ photos lie buried in a cold internet grave, never to feel the warm, bright rays of SEO daylight. It’s the end of a road that I started down a couple years ago, and described in a series of posts starting way back then.

Google Search Console now says Google is able to read the sitemap for my SmugMug gallery; the days of “couldn’t fetch” are over. It parses out 600+ URLS for my images and galleries. And it treats the whole thing like a dead raccoon. Here are the numbers:

Discovered-currently not indexed – Google sees these URLS but can’t decide what to do with them. This includes almost all my photos.

Duplicate, submitted URL not selected as canonical – makes no sense, but very possibly related to the issue I described in this post.

Crawled- currently not indexed – a few pages are actually rejected and will never be indexed.

Submitted and indexed – the handful of photo pages that Google actually decided to index, for unknown reasons.

And that’s exactly how it’s been for months, as this graph shows:

So there it sits. Do a search on “discovered-currently not indexed” and you’ll see claims that Google will get to those pages later, or there’s something wrong with them, or that they’re just not good enough in terms of content. But in my case there’s no difference between the pages that got indexed and the ones that didn’t. And months go by without anything changing.

The ashes are cold.

If you have thoughts or ideas on this issue, please leave a comment. If it includes a link to your own photo site, you get a nice SEO-boosting ‘dofollow’ backlink.

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