About Me

I’m a photographer in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

It’s a middle sized city with everything the big ones have – the good and the bad.  There’s a skyline, lakes, sometimes-gritty streets. Just two hundred years of history, but we’re working on it.  Lots going on and the Mississippi runs through it all.

Lately I’ve been doing photos of downtown Minneapolis, especially the skyways which make our city unique.  But I’m interested in many other photographic subjects. 

As a photographer, I’m never in a rush.  When I find something I like, I keep at it until I get what I want.  That might mean coming back on another day and a different time, hanging around until the sky is more interesting, or sitting by a flowering plant, waiting for a bee.   If I get one photo I like, it’s been a good day.

I won’t press the shutter button without something interesting in front of the camera.   

Prints of my photos – paper, framed, canvas, metal, acrylic – are available here.

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