The Cyclist

Not just another guy on a bike.

I’m standing in downtown Minneapolis on 7th Street, putting together a fisheye shot.. just waiting for the right clouds… and this fellow rolls slowly into the frame.

I wait for him to get to that empty spot in front of me. Click – I have “The Cyclist”, in his urban world.

I’ve seen him before. He cruises at a nice walking pace around the heart of Minneapolis on a comfortably low-slung bike – on the sidewalks, carefully navigating through transients, cafe patrons and downtown workers. Lashed to the bike’s frame is a thumping vintage boom-box pumping out soul- you’ll hear him well before you see him. His attire varies – today it’s a white suit, bowler, tie and sneakers.

Up close, he seems pretty ‘together’. The bike is a sophisticated urban cruiser, nice paint job, looks new. The white suite sparkles, and it fits. The hat and tie match. There’s no obvious message, no signs, he’s not hassling anyone. Whoever he is, he has style and he brightens the scene. The Minneapolis Downtown Council should put him on salary.

So – performance art? Or just someone with time on his hands, spending it the way he likes? Maybe he sees himself as a sort of good-will ambassador. Whatever the plan, he’s living the dream.

A couple of weeks later, I’m having a coffee at a sidewalk table, and he glides by. A different jacket this time.

Hope I can talk to him someday. I’ll bet he’s a nice guy.

4 Replies to “The Cyclist”

  1. I’m not a fan of urban places. I always feel out of place when I’m in them. However, I am a fan of urban street photography. I love to see the scenes and people captured by city photographers. This, my fried, is a s good as any street photography I’ve seen. Bet he would be interesting to meet.

    1. Thanks Bob. I’m not big on traditional street photographer either, which usually focuses on people. I wasn’t even planning on having anyone in this shot. But if an opportunity presents itself I grab it.

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