Smugmug and Google: The Taste of Failure

For about 2 years now, I’ve tried to get Google to index my 700+ photos on Smugmug (and blogged about it, starting here.). At the start, I had 38 photos indexed. Today, after learning a few things about SEO, creating a blog, and jumping through lots of hoops, I have exactly 10. I can’t convey the taste of failure in print – but this is what it looks like:

Google’s water torture of vanishing pages
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Color Spaces and POD sites: a gamut of confusion

I have photos on a couple of “Print On Demand” sites. Every so often, one of those forums lights up with a thread about Adobe RGB versus sRGB. Which one should I use? Don’t photos look better in Adobe color space? Why don’t my images look the same on this site as they do on my computer?

Hooooo boy. The real answers to these questions are… complicated.

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