Cycling Nowhere

I’ve been cycling all my life. It takes on different meanings as you get older – or get locked down by a virus. When that happened, I started roaming the fringes, the odd corners, of Minneapolis.

19th Century officer’s houses – Fort Snelling, MN

Doing photos along the way adds a sense of purpose. Composition, perspective and the feeling of space and distance, mean lenses – so carry a camera, not just a phone.

Sometimes I want the sense of just being somewhere that has no real significance other than a feeling of “place” and the passage of time:

Below Fort Snelling, next to the Mississippi River
An old warehouse wall downtown.

I’m out in the winter, too. Yes, Minneapolis is cold and a bit grim as February drags on. But there are “places”.

Old Cedar Avenue bridge

I like photos that say out on the road, going somewhere, with line and perspective.

By the river, just north of downtown

And… sky. I’m big on skies. Open space, the feeling you’re not tethered to everything and everyone. Look UP while you’re out there.

3rd Avenue bridge, just south of downtown.

Wide angle lenses give a sense of being out in the open, in a place that extends around, above and below. Light, shadow, and perspective add to that effect.

Lately I’ve been thinking of these photos as “postcards”.

First Avenue bridge over the Mississippi

7 Replies to “Cycling Nowhere”

  1. Great series of images, Jim. I think my favorite is the one under the “on the road” comment, but it is interesting to see the bike in each one. Adds an extra touch and also gives scale to some of the images. Nice concept indeed.

  2. Love these, I get a sense of travel from this series. So much truth in “carry a camera”, I need to carry my camera with me. I get so bugged with myself when I come across some beautiful and I don’t have anything other then my iPhone. Happened just less than a week ago :/

  3. Great photos! Especially liked the wide angle views and yes I could see these as post cards, particularly the one with the Grain Belt Beer sign.

  4. Jim; Great post with lots of cool captures illustrating your point about bicycles. I’ve also seen a lot of bike accidents, so if you ride be careful
    drivers don’t see the bicyclist, I’m not sure why?

  5. Lovely thoughts and photos. I love to ride a bike, though lately I’ve gotten away from it. I need to oil the change and replace the seats on my bikes and get back to it!

    Fun Fact: Macro Photography Guru Mike Moats uses a mountain bike to explore woodlands in search for subjects. I recall him doing a post a few years ago about how he carries his equipment on his bike.

  6. Interesting evocative images of your bike. My favorite is 19th Century officer’s houses . The last, fisheye one, is also interesting. I like the perspective. I can’t really bike when it’s colder than 55 degrees 😉

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