Out on the 3rd Avenue Bridge

In Minneapolis, the 3rd Avenue Bridge has spanned the Mississippi for a hundred years, connecting downtown with the Northeast neighborhood. It’s newly renovated and is now pretty spiffy. There had to be a photo out there…

I did a couple of trips and a lot of shots before getting what I really wanted. From out on the bridge the view of downtown is nice, but not exciting; it’s far from the big iconic buildings. And the bridge itself is utilitarian.

I decided the image needed everything: the bridge itself, the night skyline, and that black river way down below. I liked the feeling of being out there behind the rails, looking over the river to downtown while… just thinking about it all. And I wanted the image to have depth, so the city is pulling you in, visually, away from that flat black river.

The sun has just set, you’re alone, the river is dark and cold, but traffic streams by on the bridge and bright lights are up ahead. You want to go there. Maybe.

Minneapolis 3rd Avenue Bridge
On The 3rd Avenue Bridge

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