In The Wind

Yellow coneflowers – Ratibida pinnata – area common prairie plant here in Minnesota. At the tops of those long, thin stems, the flowers are perpetually moving, swaying back and forth in every slight breeze. They’re never perfectly still.

To create this image I combined 2 exposures: one fast enough to stop the motion, another long enough to capture that graceful back-and-forth drift. Then I combined the two in a way that put the fast shot in the foreground, losing none of its detail. (Click it to enlarge).

There’s a tiny bee on one of the flowers. She photo-bombed me, but I decided to leave her in.

I like the end result and plan to do this again with some other native wildflowers.

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  1. Very interesting effect. I’ve seen similar with flash freezing the moment but leaving the movement visible as well, but this is more controllable, I think! Very nice!

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