Stay Cool In The Skyways

When it’s hot in downtown Minneapolis, the skyways are the place to be. You can walk for miles in air-conditioned comfort, wrapped in the cool glass-and-steel ambiance of the 70s and 80s. Seen from a skyway, the buildings seem taller, the streets distant. It’s quieter up here – you can think. The sun streams in, but it’s friendly and upbeat.

This skyway crosses over 7th Street , connecting IDS Center and Gaviidae Common. A fisheye lens takes it all in, connects the sky and the street, and warps a Midwestern city into the cover of a vintage sci-fi paperback.

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3 Replies to “Stay Cool In The Skyways”

  1. While I am not usually fond of fisheye lens shot, these are certainly appealing. I like what you’ve captured from the Air Conditioned skyways. A new perspective on city life. BRAVO.

  2. Another nice photograph taken with a fish eye lens! Great that you have these expansive air conditioned places to walk in the summer!

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