On The Franklin Avenue Bridge

A unique view of Minneapolis.

From the Franklin Avenue bridge, you see Minneapolis off in the distance, and the Mississippi River down below. In between, Interstate 94 crosses the river.

I went out on the bridge before sunset and waited to see what things looked like as it got dark. Just as I got there, a “stern wheeler” excursion boat passed under the bridge, heading out of downtown on its way over to Saint Paul.

I tried a few different shots, but the light wasn’t right; so I left, to check out another photo idea not far away. That one totally bombed out, due to lack of parking opportunities in the vicinity. So it goes, sometimes.

I went back to the Franklin bridge. Now the sun was setting, the light was getting interesting. And after a couple of shots, I got lucky – the paddleboat came back, heading upriver into the city at the end of its evening cruise. It passed through my frame, just where I wanted it. The light was right. The result – after some intensive post-processing work – is this photo:

It’s one of my favorite images of this city. The evening skyline says “downtown”; it has energy. On the dark water below, the paddleboat is a link to a colorful past. Nighttime traffic flashes by on the Interstate. It’s a city on a river, with transportation old and new.

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  1. You are right – that final picture is perfect. It is those fleeting things that make all the difference. I’m doing a cruise all the way down the Mississippi next year – perhaps I will be able to see this for myself!

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