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Minneapolis 3rd Avenue Bridge

“Out On the Third Avenue Bridge”

I really like this one, and wrote a post about it.

minneapolis skyline at night

There are all sorts of tutorials on how to do night shots of cities. Most recommend long exposures, which leads to tripods, vibration, and problems. I did this one from the Franklin Avenue bridge over Interstate 35W, a slightly dodgy spot where you don’t want to hang around with expensive photo gear. And I wanted something different from the typical smooth river of headlights.

To get a sharp skyline and a sense of motion in the traffic, I layered a whole bunch of shorter, handheld shots – it was a bit of work. But I like the end result – the traffic looks like an industrial shower of sparks.

A late winter storm puts a twinkle in the eye of this Nuthatch.

“Dead Tree Dancing”

It makes me laugh.

Some trickery was needed to get close to this Pileated woodpecker. I love that eye.

Art Deco: the Baker Center building in Minneapolis

Minneapolis and Interstate 94 as it’s getting dark

A stoic Cardinal hangs tough in a Minnesota snowstorm

Trees after an ice storm: ten thousand glass branches.

Chiaroscuro: the interplay of light and shadow.