How to see all the posts from a Facebook page you’ve Liked

You’ve “liked” a page, but after a while you realize you’re not seeing new posts on it. Why not? Because the creator of that page isn’t paying Facebook to show them to you.

You might think “liking” a page should be enough, but all it really does is add you to a list of page followers. To actually get a new post seen by those followers, the page’s creator has to pay Facebook to “boost” it – basically turning it into an ad. Otherwise it’s only shown to a tiny percentage of those followers.

There’s a way around this – you can get a Facebook notification when there’s something new on that page. But the page creator can’t make that happen on his own – you have to request it. Here’s how.

First, go to the Facebook page you’re interested in – mine [cough] for example – and be sure the leftmost button under the banner says “Liked”. If it just says “Like”, click it.

Then, click on the “Following” button right next to it. You’ll get a pop-up with some options. Under “Notifications”, choose “On”, so it gets a check-mark next to it.

That’s it. Now you’ll get notified whenever the page creator posts something.