How to participate in an online “art walk”

Several of us in the FAA Group “Bloggers Helping Bloggers” have been doing an occasional online “art walk”.

This just amounts to each of us publishing a special blog post containing links to featured pages from the other participants. It’s a way to maybe get a few more visitors to our sites, but even if that doesn’t happen, the back links benefit our Google ranking.

As an example, my most recent Art Walk post is here.

To get in on this, just choose a page on your own site to be featured in the walk – maybe one showing some of your recent work. Post a message in the FAA group or the associated FB group, saying you want to be included in the walk, and include a link to your feature page. As the date approaches, gather up a list of the other participants and their feature links, from their posts on FAA or Facebook; then write a blog post that mentions your feature page, and those of the other participants.

The format can be anything you want. (And note that you don’t even have to be on FAA to participate, just join the Facebook group.) My posts have contained just this:

– A short introduction to the “walk” idea.

– A link/image to my own featured page.

– For each of the other participants:

Something nice about what’s on their “featured” page…

an image from that page…

and a link to that page.

(Note: if you copy the link from a post in the Facebook group, it’s no good as a backlink, because it actually goes through Facebook before redirecting to the artist’s page. To get around that, click that link and go to the page, then copy its URL from the address bar. )

And that’s it – as long or short as you feel like. Images are nice; you might have to do a screen capture if right-click copy is disabled.