A Short “Art Walk”

Here are some other photographers and artists I know online.

Every now and then, I and some other people I’ve “met” through FineArtAmerica.com do a “virtual art walk”. We each put up a blog post about something new we’ve done, with links to the others’ sites. It’s still a small group, and a mixed one: a couple photographers, and a couple of artists, who do stuff nothing like mine. Each is unique and has something to say with their work.

My feature is this recent photo. And here’s a blog post with my thoughts about it.

Traffic lights up the I94 bridge over the Mississippi river, just outside Minneapolis

And here are some of my fellow artists and photographers – click to see what they’ve done recently:

Katarina Gunn is artist fearlessly experimenting with AI tools, unconcerned with my cranky opinions about that new technology 🙂 Hey it’s an AI Christmas, and why not?

Steven Heap is a WOW travel photographer who goes w-i-d-e and really brings in the color.

Bob Decker roams the North Carolina coast, doing old-school photos of beautiful places where you’d maybe like to to just sit on that bench for a while…

Rebecca Herranen recently went to Turkey and Greece, found the travel part a bit stressful, but did some really great photos nonetheless.

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  1. Your cranky opinions are quite similar to my cranky opinions on the topic, and at least I don’t try to claim there is any “intelligence” involved in the software. It still VERY much needs a human to curate what works and what doesn’t.

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