Birds’ Eyes

I once came across a post in a forum about wildlife photography: “After 4 years of tramping through woods, I gave up. The bird was always just 2 trees ahead.”

I’ve walked trails with a 600mm lens, monopod and gimbal, and once in a great while I get something good. But if it’s just a bird way up in a tree, no one is really going to care, unless maybe it’s an Ivory-Billed Woodpecker, or a very beautiful tree in a sunset. People want to see that bird up close. They want the detail.

I think we crave the feeling of being close to birds, because we like them, but they don’t seem to like us. Nothing gives us that feeling of closeness like looking them right n the eye.

In my mind, if I haven’t captured the bird’s eye, I don’t have a photo. But you can’t sneak up on a bird; and even with a 600mm lens and a 24mp sensor, getting that eye means getting within about 15-20 feet. That’s why I get most of the photos I like in my own back yard, from the porch. I can set up a nice natural-looking branch as a perch, and a carefully positioned feeder to get them to land on it. I have a sort of simple blind set up in a porch window. After that it’s a waiting game; but I not only can I get that eye, I can get the bird doing something interesting. And I can get it sharp.

There are other occasional opportunities for avian closeness. A local raptor rehabilitation center sometimes brings their resident birds outdoors for a meet-and-greet – and some eye contact.

Bald Eagle photograph

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  1. So true about the bird’s eye in the photo! You must have 600-800 equivalent and a bird blind or trusting backyard birds and a feeder and birdbath.

    Nice photos!

    1. Thanks William – yes, I have a ‘blind’ of sorts on my porch. And I built some feeder stands that I can easily move and position where I want. I’m now using a 150-600 zoom on an APS-C body, but many of my photos were obtained with a 300.

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